eco elastic ribbons, Milano
RIFRA ECO #belastic

An important step in order to develop e new knowledge

Environmental themes are converting in critical points for the success of the companies during the last years.

This phenomenon mainly takes place in function to the needs of an adjustment of the businesses and to the international rules regarding health and respect of the environment.

A crucial step is the opening to a major and deeper vision of "eco-friendly" e the need to adapt the system of efficient control above the chain of values and the global system of production in order to utilize the unique availability of natural resources as a competitive advantage.

In this new environment, where enterprises and communities need innovation in order to guarantee a greener future and a sustainable world, the correct usage of the nature capital offers to the companies new opportunities from the creation of products and direct services to the elimination of any kind of waste, bonded to the application of materials and 'eco-friendly' technologies.

Eco Rifra doesn't mean only 100% natural products.

It is most of all the will to research new solutions and materials ecologically correct to be implemented into the productive process.


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